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Tour Along the Yarkon River and Old Tel Aviv Port

All of the rivers flow to the sea, yet the sea is not full.”


On the tour, we will hear the story of the White City, established on the banks of the Yarkon River. We will tell the story of the British crossing from World War I and visit the obelisk on Square Hill.

From there, we will continue to Golfitech and feel the spirit of the War of Independence, listen to the chilling story of Operation Boatswain.

We will hear the Zionist story behind Daniel Sailing Center and tell the tale of the amazing Ussishkin Stadium.

We will finish our tour at Tel Aviv Port, where we’ll fly with the camel from the Levant Fair and discover the story of the first Hebrew port. Opposite the Yarkon estuary, we’ll end with the story of the secret bunker at Reading Station.

The tour is accompanied by songs about the river written by Yoram Taharlev, Natan Alterman, Naomi Shemer, Natan Yonatan and more…

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